Services CBS Communications offers services, consulting and advice, providing our clients with a true competitive advantage. We work independently, helping our clients define their objectives and finding the best alternatives to attain them. Whatever the nature of the project, we always seek for the client to benefit from our quality service, experience and familiarity with their sector. Our service offering is structured around the brand because we believe it contains the attributes, values and philosophy along which all communications should be aligned within an organization, both in the formal aspects (structure, design style, hierarchy), as well as in aspects of substance (intention, objectives, messages). Those attributes, values and philosophy generally take a long time to consolidate and suppose a very valuable asset for any organization, which requires correct management and care throughout its development. The strategic management of this asset should be implicit even in the smallest marketing, organizational or management documents, and care needs to be reflected in the strict application of visual and stylistic norms when developing any corporate communication.